Research transfer of welding of structural steel

TIG taphole welding of structural steel has been investigated at ifw Jena for almost a year. Following the initial findings from the research project, partners from industry have now met with the Institute's scientists to exchange initial experiences.

In the project "TIG taphole welding of structural steel" the influence of the material composition of structural steels on TIG taphole welding is to be investigated. In the project the procedure of taphole welding for structural steels up to 8 mm plate thickness shall be optimised.

Therefore, representatives of the companies SSAB, Kjellberg and OSCAR PLT met on 28 June 2020 to discuss the current status of the project and the further projects.

The mutual exchange of experience was particularly important for industry-related research at ifw Jena. The needs of the industrial partners as well as difficulties in the welding of structural steels were discussed and solution approaches were drafted. In this way, the scientists at the institute can orient their research projects particularly close to industry and develop solutions that are directly oriented to the needs of the users.

The project "TIG taphole welding of structural steel" is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy in the INNO-KOM programme.

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