Training for International Welding Specialist started in hybrid

The training to become an International Welding Specialist has started at ifw Jena. For the first time this year, the course is being held in hybrid format at the ifw Jena .

Until April, the participants take part in the training every Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, after which they can assume responsibility as welding supervisors in their companies. In a total of more than 300 teaching units at ifw Jena, you will gain the necessary knowledge of welding processes, materials, construction methods and standards and regulations, so that you can subsequently assume responsibility in your company for the welding work carried out.

To protect all participants, the training takes place in air-conditioned rooms with automatic ventilation. In addition, all units are transmitted online, so that each participant is free to participate in presence or online from the workplace or from home. This ensures the safety of all participants, lecturers and instructors.

We wish all participants in this year's course every success in their training!

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