Schweißfachmänner am ifw Jena ausgebildet

In 2021/22, the International Welding Specialist training course was again held at ifw Jena. In just under 300 teaching units in accordance with DVS Guideline IIW 1170, the participants were given the necessary knowledge to be able to assume responsibility as welding supervisors in their companies in the future.

For many companies, the use of a trained welding specialist as a welding supervisor is essential in order to be able to offer certain welding processes. For many welders, in turn, training to become an International Welding Specialist is an important career step.

The ifw Jena offers the training every year on a part-time basis: From November to April, classes are held every Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. In the 2021/22 course, interested participants again took up the challenge and got behind the classroom every week after their work. "I'm doing the training to develop professionally," says Alexander Schnakenberg, who completed the course this year. "A lot of knowledge is imparted to us here in a short period of time - in addition to the different welding processes, it also covers questions of materials technology, legal issues, standards and occupational safety. This is often not easy to manage alongside work and private life."

To facilitate participation, ifw Jena offered the course on a hybrid basis for the first time this year. Almost all teaching units could be attended on site, but were also broadcast live online. "This allowed us to enable participants to attend the course from anywhere," says Andreas Lüderitz, head of the Welding Technology Course Center at ifw Jena. For André Trautvetter, this was a reason to take part in the course at ifw Jena: "I didn't have to put up with long travel times and was still able to take part in every lesson. The material is also taught well online in class, and the e-learning platform additionally helps to deepen the content."

Also due to the still present COVID-19 pandemic, the decision for a hybrid implementation of the course was right, Andreas Lüderitz states: "Not only for the participants was the possibility to take part in the lessons online a great advantage. Our instructors were also able to use the option of conducting their lessons online, of course. In this way, we were able to avoid postponements or cancelled classes as far as possible."

We congratulate all participants on passing their exams and wish them every success for the future!

The next International Welding Specialist training course at ifw Jena will start on November 4, 2022, and this course will again be held in a hybrid format.

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