TRAINING COURSE - International welding specialist (course according to DVS-IIW-guideline 1170)

The employment of a welding supervisor with basic technical knowledge in the regulated areas, including steel construction (DIN EN 1090-1 to 3), rail vehicle construction (DIN EN 15085), pressure equipment (DGR 97/23/EG) and commercial piping construction (DVGW Rules) is a staffing requirement.

As a practice-oriented welding supervisor, the welding specialist is the responsible employee for the entirety of welding technology for numerous small and medium-sized companies. Welding specialists are important links in large companies between welding engineers and qualitative, safe and practical implementation.

Target group

  • Skilled worker or journeyman in metalworking (at least three years' activity in this field, minimum age: 22 years)
  • Master of the metalworking trade
  • Foreman
  • Technician
  • Engineers
  • Welding foreman

The consideration of the different entrance requirements of the participants allows the attribution of existing qualifications and knowledge for a shortening of the training time.


The course is modularly divided into four parts and four main areas. The course covers the general technical and professional fundamentals, a welding internship and the four main areas:

  • Welding processes and equipment
  • Materials and their behavior during welding
  • Construction and design
  • Production and application technology

PART 0 (56 HRS) - General technical basics

  • Skilled worker or journeyman with at least three years' experience in metalworking (minimum age 22 years)

PART 1 (35 HRS) - Expertise

  • Vocational training with a degree in metalworking craftsmanship, industrial master, technician with a recognized degree or graduate engineer

PART 2 (60 HRS) - Practical basics

  • Master with a valid certificate from a recognized master school, confirming that the content of Part 1 was taught in accordance with DVS Guideline 1170

PART 3 (147 HRS) - Main course

  • Requirements: DVS welding master


  • Part 0: October 9 2020 to Ocotber 24 2020
  • Parts 1 to 3: November 6 2020 to April 9 2021

Course Times

Extra-occupational as a weekend course

  • Fridays 14:30 to 19:50 and
  • Saturdays 7:30 to 14:30

Course supervision, course counseling, registration

Andreas Lüderitz, B. Eng. SFI (IWE)
Tel: +49 3641 204-112
Fax: +49 3641 204-175

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