As one of the oldest joining techniques, Adhesive Bonding (also referred to as gluing or glue bonding) already enjoys a broad applicability and yet its potential seems far from being exhausted. Research done on the use of organic and inorganic adhesives keeps yielding new results which are particularly relevant for industrial applications.

Bonding with organic and inorganic adhesives

Our investigations within this field address, among other things, unresolved issues regarding hybrid bonded joints, specific surface modifications and new possibilities of application. Furthermore, as part of our close research collaborations with various industry partners, we provide customized technical solutions to specific requirements and problems.

Research projects conducted at ifw Jena include:

  • assessment of adhesives for selected applications
  • evaluation of the usability of inorganic adhesives with high-temperature applications
  • development of technological procedures to ensure the successful implementation of adhesives in series processes
  • optimization of existent adhesive applications (from surface pretreatment to the finished component)
  • assessment of the aging process of adhesive-bonded joints by means of certified measurement techniques
  • evaluation of damage patterns as well as of damage and aging mechanisms

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