ABGESAGT – SEMINAR – Visual evaluation of welds

Cancelled due to recent regulations.

Material testing provides information on the mechanical-technological quality values ​​of materials and their welded joints. Also it offers insights on their condition with regard to external and internal irregularities, their microstructure and structural conditions as well as the chemical analysis of the material used. The visual evaluation (visual inspection) of welds is the starting point for all other destructive and non-destructive testing methods. Often the visual inspection is the only test method used or the test method to which each weld should be subjected. In particular, the seam geometry, the surface texture and the external features of a
Weld seam are included in the consideration.

In the seminar, the visual tests of welds are performed on case studies. The application and handling of possible tools and aids as well as the use of various welding seam gauges form a focal point of the seminar.


  • Classification of weld irregularities according to DIN EN ISO 6520-1
  • Assessment of weld irregularities in accordance with DIN EN ISO 5817 (and, if applicable, DIN EN ISO 10042)
  • Visual assessment of welds
  • Causes of weld defects
  • Working with weld ears, tools and work techniques
  • Practical exercises with fracture tests


  • December 2 2020, 9:00 to 16:00
  • Or as a company seminar by individual agreement (at least 5 participants)


The number of participants is limited to 12 people

Course supervision, counseling, registration

Andreas Lüderitz, B. Eng. SFI (IWE)
Tel: +49 3641 204-112
Fax: +49 3641 204-175
E-Mail: aluederitz@ifw-jena.de

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