SEMINAR – Training for laser safety officers

The proliferation of lasers in industrial processes makes it necessary to educate employees about laser safety.

Our two-day course is based on the current legal requirements (DGUV regulation 11, OStrV and TROS), so that the participants may be appointed as laser safety officer. In addition to the theoretical training, ifw Jena also offers practical training in actual laser laboratories to practice the implementation of the course contents (for example, selection of laser goggles and risk assessments).

The course can also be taken as a refresher course for previously trained laser safety officers.



  • Physical principles and biological effects of laser radiation
  • Legal principles and rules, laser classes and limits
  • Direct and indirect hazards due to laser radiation
  • Protective measures and risk assessments
  • Rights, duties and responsibilities of the laser safety officer


  • Introduction to equipment and conditions of a real laser workstation
  • Risk assessment of the laser workstation
  • Selection of protective measures for the laser workstation


May 14 to 15 2024
December 4 to 5 2024


ifw Jena, Andreas Lüderitz, SFI (IWE)
Tel: +49 3641 204-145
Fax: +49 3641 204-210


€ 725,- including practical training in our laboratorys, textbook and exam (our terms of service apply)
€ 495,- to refresh


Günter Köhler Institute for Joining Technology and Materials Testing GmbH
Ernst-Ruska-Ring 3, 07745 Jena

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