Successful training of laser safety officers

Laser safety officers were again successfully trained at ifw Jena on December 8 and 9.

Laser processes are being used more and more in industrial manufacturing processes. Laser beams can be used in a variety of ways for welding, cutting, marking or surface processing. However, important protective measures must be taken to ensure safety at laser workplaces.

Companies that use laser beams must therefore appoint a laser safety officer. This person assesses the risks involved in working with lasers and is responsible for ensuring that the necessary protective measures are taken.

Laser safety officers have been trained twice a year at ifw Jena for the past three years. In the two-day course, participants learn the basics about how lasers work, about health risks when using them and about relevant protective measures at laser workplaces. In the laser laboratories of ifw Jena, the participants can then apply and deepen their knowledge in practice.

This week, the training took place again. All participants passed their exam at the end of the course and can now take responsibility for occupational safety in their company as laser safety officers.

We congratulate all participants on passing the exam and wish them every success in their new tasks!

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