Training for laser safety officers on April 6 and 7

More and more companies are using laser beams as a tool. Laser applications offer great advantages over conventional processes in cutting and joining. Their use minimizes tool wear and resource consumption, while at the same time the processing speed can be increased.
The use of laser radiation in industrial applications often necessitates the use of a laser safety officer. This specially trained person uses his or her expertise to ensure that a safe environment is created at laser workstations and accidents are avoided.

Laser safety officers are regularly trained at ifw Jena. In the two-day course, all the necessary knowledge about the mode of operation and the effect of laser beams of different classes is imparted. The participants also learn about possible hazards and measures for risk and accident prevention.

The training is based on the current legal requirements (DGUV Regulation 11, OStrV and TROS), so that participants may be appointed as laser safety officers after passing the examination.

In addition to theoretical expertise, the training at ifw Jena also offers practical exercises on the institute's various laser systems. The acquired knowledge can thus be directly applied in practice and applied to actual laser workplaces on site.

The course can also be taken as a refresher course for laser safety officers who have already been trained. In this case, participation in at least eight course hours is required.



  • Physical basics and biological effects of laser radiation
  • Legal basics and rules, laser classes and limit values
  • Direct and indirect hazards of laser radiation
  • Protective measures and risk assessments
  • Rights, duties and tasks of the laser safety officer


  • Introduction to equipment and conditions of a real laser workplace
  • Risk assessment of the laser workplace
  • Selection of protective measures for the laser workplace
  • Experimental tests of protective measures or the biological effect of laser radiation

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