1st place at Thuringian Materials Day

With the poster "Glas_SLM - Transparent glass components - PBF-LB with CO₂ laser, Christiane Doering, Thomas Schmidt and Susanne Kasch took first place in the selection of the program committee at the Thuringian Materials Day.

In the Glas_SLM project, a method is being determined at ifw Jena to process quartz glass powder on a powder bed basis and to generate optically transparent, compact glass components. In the project, this is realized by extending the powder bed-based process flow by one step. After lowering the build platform, doctoring the powder layer and selectively exposing the layer, the laser beam is also used to remove the powder adhesion at the edge of the component.

The individual process parameters for melting and separation are being further investigated in the project. The first results of the promising process were presented on a poster at this year's Thuringian Materials Day.

The innovative process approach was the reason for the program committee to award the poster first place in the poster exhibition.

We congratulate Ms. Doering, Ms. Kasch and Mr. Schmidt on the award!

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