Innovations in adhesive bonding

On September 12 and 13, innovations, new developments and exciting research were discussed at the 4th Adhesives Seminar.

More than 40 experts from the field of adhesive bonding technology - from development to production and concrete application - met at ifw Jena to network and exchange ideas.

In cooperation with Anton Paar Germany GmbH, ifw Jena regularly hosts the adhesives seminar. During the past two days, 13 lectures dealt, among other things, with the rheological and dynamic-mechanical properties of adhesives and the experimental methods for their determination, an insight into the application of the methods of rheology and DMTA for practical use or a new, innovative method for the characterization of adhesives.

In addition, current developments were presented directly in the adhesive laboratories of ifw Jena. Between the lectures and at the evening event of the seminar, the guests took advantage of the opportunities to talk to each other and to network.

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