New USP-Laser System

Materials processing with ultrashort laser pulses represents a research focus at ifw Jena. In the research projects, glasses, ceramics and metals are structured, separated and welded with ultrashort laser pulses. The research area is now being expanded with a third UKP laser system.

With the new system for ultrashort pulse laser material processing, the processes at the institute can be investigated even more intensively. The microPRO TMS by 3D-Micromac AG is the third UKP system in the clean rooms at ifw Jena.

The new system features a beam source that enables pulses from 200 femtoseconds to 15 picoseconds and is capable of burst-in-burst processes, i.e., multiple subpulses instead of a single laser pulse. The system's powerful scan head and its axis system with travel ranges of 500 mm x 600 mm make it possible to process even larger components with high precision. In addition to optically determining the focus position, the system's chromatic sensor also enables measurement of surface structures.

The ultrashort pulse laser system contributes to the expansion of the research area at the institute. Materials can now be processed with more power and higher precision at the same time. This means that UKP processes such as welding, cutting or surface processing can be developed with more diverse parameter settings. This puts ifw Jena in a position to optimize UKP applications for further industrial processes and to support companies in introducing the processes.

The investment, supported by the Free State of Thuringia, was co-financed by funds from the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and REACT-EU.

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