Welder training with laser beams starts in November

Automated welding processes are performed with laser beams in many industrial applications. But hand-held laser beam welding is also becoming increasingly important for companies. In November, welder training for manual laser welding in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9606-1 will begin for the first time at ifw Jena.

Especially when welding thin sheets, laser welding offers great advantages over arc processes. Guided by hand, weld seams can be drawn more precisely and, above all, many times faster. The system technology is handy and mobile.

In order to qualify welders for this new process, ifw Jena is offering the first three-day welder training course for manual laser welding of chrome-nickel beam from November 21 to 23, 2023.

The training will cover the basics of laser material processing and special features of welding with laser beams. The course provides an introduction to the equipment technology and offers participants the opportunity to apply the process in practice and to practice manual laser welding on various seam shapes.

The training concludes with a practical and theoretical welder's examination in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9606-1.


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